Attached Software
Communication Tools
Lesson Planning
  1. Identifying the different components of a lesson plan.
  2. Identifying common sequences in lessons
  3. Identifying and selecting aims.
  4. Determining aims and objectives.
  5. Identifying materials and resources.
  6. Practicing assessment types.
  7. Planning an individual lesson.
Classroom Management
  1. Managing the learning environment.
  2. Putting suitable classroom layout.
  3. Managing interaction among students.
  4. Managing the lesson and activities
  5. Using classroom management strategies.
  6. Practicing teacher’s different roles.
  7. Managing feedback
  8. Organizing time effectively to implement each part of the plan.
Using Technology
  1. Creating lesson materials.
  2. Setting up the classroom.
  3. Managing the IWB classroom.
  4. Managing the laptop/fixed computer classroom.
  5. Exploiting learning technology resources.
  6. Determining the method of obtaining the educational aids.
  7. Determining the general rules for using the teaching aids.
  8. Selecting the educational aids that address multiple senses.
Creating Activities
  1. Selecting the appropriate learning activity to achieve lesson objectives.
  2. Taking into account individual differences in the distribution of activities.
  3. Providing learning activities that encourage interaction.
  4. Identifying the tools and materials used in the activity.
  5. Using interesting educational activities.