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Dear trainer
You have a set of instructions to help you achieve the aims of the Electronic Training Environment

- When entering the home page, Log on with your user name and password.

- Studying the objectives of the environment to achieve them when you complete studying.

- Before starting to study the content of the Electronic Training Environment ,You must answer the pre study test .

- There are ninety-five questions. Answer all questions.

- The allowed time is one hour and twenty minutes.

- You must choose the right answer then click on the submit buttons.

- The content of the environment consists of four modules modules (Lesson Planning- Classroom Management- Using Technology-Creating Activities( for developing some teaching skills among teachers of English language, When you click on the module you want to study, you must review the aims of the content, and you study the content then do its activity.

- After completing the environmental content study, answer the post test questions to assess the level of your e-content you have studied through the environment